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   Hobby Cake is a homemade bakery run by former nurse instructor, Khun Pum. She started baking cakes during her leisure. The taste was so good that her friends and relatives recommended to others and asked her to set up the business. Not only the taste that is second to none, the cake decoration is also unique with her creative art design. The word of mouth spread around with overwhelming orders. “Hobby Cake” was named from there.

The business has been growing rapidly and the product lines have been expanded from cakes to cookies, brownies and chocolate. Thanks to her strong background in health caring, the knowledge has been well applied to develop very healthy recipes as well as clean production process. “Healthy Lifestyle” is our slogan which well reflected to our product characters. HB International Co., Ltd., was later established to support the Hobby Cake expanding business.

In 2002, Shell-Chuan-Chim by M.R.Tanadsri, the prominent food and dessert taster in Thailand, gave the Best-In-Class Certificates to all the tasted 20 of the “Hobby Cake” recipes.

All of Hobby Cake products can be made to a meaningful birthday and any special occasion to your beloved. Our cake designs and fancy cakes are second to none which can be customized to your preference. Our products can be grouped into 6 categories.
1. Richie-Richie Cake : These are irresistible recipes to all Cake Lovers. Selected and premium ingredients with full of taste are well mixed to the great delight. All of them are rich but not so sweet. The products include normal cake and cheesecake. The best sellers in this category include Double Chocolate Specials, Black Forest, Kahlua Mocca, Black & White Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Cake, American Chocolate Cake, Sacher, Double Chocolate Sandwich Cheesecake, Oreo White Chocolate Cheesecake. We further divide this category into 2 items, based upon types of decoration:

   1.1 Prestige Cake : The decoration is more suitable for adult. We have made it a prestige look and customize to match with customers preference. Customers can create their own design.

   1.2  Kids Cake Extreme : The decoration is specifically for kids or even teenagers. Again, whatever customers' needs, we'll make it for them.

2. Healthy Cake : All recipes have been developed to anyone who is health conscious and watches for the waistline. This category can be divided into 6 items

   2.1 Low Cholesterol Cake: Most of the ingredients used are low cholesterol. Cream is 0% Cholesterol free which is imported. The best sellers in this item include Chocolate Low Cholesterol, Espresso Low Cholesterol, Blueberry Low Cholesterol, Strawberry Low Cholesterol.

   2.2 No Sugar Added Cake: These special recipes have been developed to the elder and the ones who are more cautious on the level of sugar intake. No sugar is added to all recipes. The sweetness comes from the other types of fruits e.g. Prune, Fig, Apricot, etc. Premium ingredients are selectively used in this group of recipes. There are 2 types of cakes in this item; 1) Prune No Sugar-Added Cake; and 2) Fig & Apricot No Sugar-Added Cake.

   2.3 Sugar Free/Diabetic Cake: We can further develop sugar free recipes. We are using other substitute ingredient for sugar which is approved by Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health to ensure the health safety. An imported special grade of “Diabetic Chocolate” is also another good example for our health caring to customers: Diabetic Chocolate is a major ingredient of Chocolate Sugar Free Cake. Mocha Sugar Free Cake is the other recommended menu in this item.

   2.4 Eggless Cake: This group of recipes does say in itself of no egg in the cake. We have developed these recipes on the request of customers who want to have cakes but are allergic to protein contained in the egg. An Indian with religious limitation can also have our eggless cake without religious violation.

   2.5 Vegan Cake: We have successfully developed a super healthy cake recipe. The key features are 1) low cholesterol; 2) no egg; and 3) no milk. Soybean milk is one of the major ingredients. This is one of our innovations on Good Health but Great Taste.

3. Wedding Cake: Wedding cake service is one of our key strengths. Whichever design, theme, and concept, we can customize to the couple's satisfaction. Besides the beauty of the wedding cake that we can deliver, the delicious from Hobby Cake is also guaranteed. Every couple would love to have the wedding ceremony a memorable event. Hobby Cake is adding to that moment.

4. Extra Large Cake: We can make an extra large birthday cake up to 120 pounds. Our cake designs can be customized and so fancy to your preference.

5. Cookies: We can also make very good cookies which are quite different from the market. The various types of cookies are all healthy including low cholesterol and sugar free. Meringue is as well one of our product lines: meringue is one type of cookies with no egg yolk ingredient.

6. Chocolate: We have expanded our product line to chocolate. We use imported premium grade Swiss chocolate to produce homemade chocolate, chocolate decoration, praline, truffle, model, and chocolate gift set . Due to the high flexibility of the homemade business, we can customize or made-to-order upon requests. We are the only homemade bakery business which has our own 24-hour temperature controlled chocolate production house.

Awards and Recognition
Shell-Chun-Chim (Nov 3, 2002): Shell-Chun-Chim by TanadSri, the famous food taster in Thailand, published the story about " Hobby Cake " in Matichon weekly newspaper. Shell-Chun-Chim has tasted our 4 selected recipes and thumbed up to all of them. The 4 delectable recipes are Double Chocolate Specials, Oreo Chocolate Tart, Kahlua Mocha and Blueberry Cake.
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Channel 7 – Thai Wan Mai (Nov 18, 2002 and Dec 30, 2002): " Hobby Cake " was invited by Khun Suparat Nakboonnum, the organizer, to be on air in her Programs, Thai Wan Mai. The theme was the delicious homemade nurse cake.

Channel 5 – Aroy Chong Ha (Dec 13, 2002 and Feb 14, 2003): " Hobby Cake " was invited twice to be on air illustrating how to bake special cakes for special events i.e. New Year and Valentine’s

Radio 101.5 – Chulalongkorn Radio Station (Apr 2003): " Hobby Cake " was approached for a live interview on how to make such delicious cakes and how to run homemade business

Honeymoon Travel Magazine (May 2003): Executives from the Magazine visited " Hobby Cake " at
home. They tasted the cakes and felt that they had to recommend “Hobby Cake” to the magazine’s members.
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